Tulsa Area Water Specialists

Water Pumps - Filtration - Purification

Since 1959, Oklahomans have called on Radiant Water Company for home water pumps, water softeners, water filters and water well service, more than any other company in the area. We stock a wide range of water pump and filtration equipment for treatment of city, municipal, and well water. City / municipal water treatment typically includes hardness scale, taste, odor and chemical removal, and drinking water filtration. Well water treatment can include many more problems, from iron staining, hydrogen sulfide odor to low pH and bacteria. With many years of water treatment experience, we work with our customers to determine their specific concerns and then design a system to best address those concerns.

We sell and service industry leading water softeners and water filters manufactured by Clack, Fleck and Autotrol. Our water softeners are digital meter based and we also offer variable reserve / variable brine systems for the highest salt efficiency possible. We have been servicing the Tulsa area with industry proven products and stand behind every product we sell and every service we perform. Just as our products and our well water service is top notch, so is our customer service. From the phone to the field and everywhere in between, here at Radiant Water Company, we put forth only the best for you.

Water Well Pumps and Supplies – Water Softeners, Carbon Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems

With the recent addition of chloramine to Tulsa’s Water Supply, people are more concerned than ever about the quality of their water. Radiant Water Company has experience and expertise to address all your concerns and we will offer the best solution to your particular water quality needs. We offer name brand, quality water filters for business or commercial use and water filters for any home. We stock all types of drinking water filters, water filter housings, whole house filters and water purification systems. We also offer 24 hour service.

You deserve only the best when it comes to your water and that’s why we offer only the best pumps and water filters available at competitive prices. When we provide products and services for your water system, we do so with integrity and genuine customer service. We take pride in the products and services we offer and stand behind all of it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and workmanship warranty.