Aquavar® ABII Constant Pressure

Aquavar® ABII

How is your water pressure?
The Aquavar ABII pump controller is a constant pressure booster system that is specifically designed for customers of municipal water districts with low water pressure, or if they are boosting from a storage tank. The Aquavar ABII provides an economical answer for both residential and commercial customers who need to increase their water pressure when water demand is high.

How does it work?
As water flows to your house, it loses some of its pressure to friction inside the pipe. The higher the flow, the more the friction reduces your water pressure. This flow increase can be caused
by more homes and businesses on your water main, the size of your home piping system or increased water use in your house. As water use increases, the Aquavar ABII changes pump speed to keep line pressure constant. Large supply tanks are eliminated and up to 50% of the energy required by a full speed pump is saved.

Aquavar ABII is available with a range of flow rates to handle homes with up to four bathrooms, irrigation systems, and fire suppression systems. The Aquavar ABII comes with everything
that is needed for your installer to plumb it to a residential water line.

“It’s cruise control for your pump.”

Set your pressure and the smooth control will take over.