We test, troubleshoot, and repair submersible pumps, jet pumps, chemical metering pumps and control boxes both in-house and on-site as needed.

We stock all parts for Goulds JRS / JRD jet pumps and ChemTech Series 100 chemical metering pumps.

We also test, troubleshoot, and repair Clack WS1 softener and automatic backwash filter control valves, Pentair Fleck 5600, 2510, 2750, 2900 and 2900S control valves and GE Osmonics Autotrol control valves.

We stock all parts for Clack WS1 and Pentair Fleck 5600, 2510, 2750 electromechanical and SXT control valves.

Call to schedule an appointment or bring your equipment to our shop for repair.

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