Oasis Plastic Hand Pumps

The rugged, cost-efficient Oasis hand-lift pump combines all the advantaged of the old fashioned cast iron pump with modern technology.

Made of Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastics, the Oasis Pump is virtually unbreakable, lightweight and will not rust, corrode or wear. Test show no wear of the cylinder or plunger cup after millions of strokes.

Closed design prevents entry of air-borne and other potential contaminants, an important consideration for a sanitary water supply.

It is ideal for monitoring wells; test wells; as a bilge pump; as a transfer pump or any general purpose pumping application. It will pump most any liquid, and is very useful any place where water has to be carried, pumped or hauled.

The Oasis Pump is used primarily on wells, cisterns, springs, buried tanks, rivers or streams where maximum lift (distance to water) does not exceed 28-30 feet (9 meters) unless using deep well model.

With its lightweight, sturdy construction the Oasis Pump is ideal for campsites, summer homes, stock water, rural dwellings, parks, picnic areas, plant nurseries, villages or remote locations.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (ALL MODELS) Discharge 1-1/2″. Suction 2″ or 1-1/4″. Height 18″. Weight, 4 pounds. Diameter, 3- 1/2″. (3″ I.D. cylinder). Resistant to salt water and most chemicals. Up to 10 gallons per minute. Maximum Lift (distance to water) 30 ft.


Model No. WP2 – A pump with pressure capability, will plumb directly to standard PVC pipe (solvent weld) or adapt to hose, etc. 0-10 lbs. normal operating pressure, up to 50 ft. head.

Model No. WP2D & DC280 DEEP WELL KIT – Oasis pump and cylinder combinations use 1/2″ SCH. 80 PVC for the lift rod, allowing for less effort on each stroke due to the hollow PVC pipe aiding the lift. This is why this small and lightweight pump is able to pump at depths far below 100 feet.


With a new plunger of our own design and other patented features, you can produce 1/3 more volume than a conventional hand pump the same size.

The new cup is molded and will not wear, distort or dry out and is bacterially inert. It’s also resistant to rot, mildew, corrosion, salt water and most chemicals. This new cup may be used as a replacement item on any standard 2-3″ plunger.


The pumps weight per volume factor is unmatched. A 4lb. shipping weight compared to 20lb. plus on cast iron…consider the freight savings.

At less than 1/5 the cost, this is a primary consideration.