Omica Shower Filtration

Omica Shower Filter Reduces Fluoride & Removes Chlorine, Chloramine, Lead, VOCs

Never before has one shower filter offered 8 powerful filtration elements, critical to healthy showering, like the Omica Shower Filter: the Latest in Shower Filtration Technology!

The Omica Filtered Shower is hand-crafted, not assembled by machine. It is the first shower water filter to present an 8 stage filtration system that reduces fluoride & removes chloramine, chlorine, lead, VOCs, dirt and odors. In addition, the Omica filter takes your shower experience to the “next level” by energizing the water and restructuring it through the latest vortex technology. Guaranteed to be exhilarating and rejuvenating!

Begin enjoying the many health and beauty benefits that include smoother skin, softer hair, and no harsh chemicals to breath-in or absorb through your pores. Showering with the Omica Filter energizes both the water and water vapors in the shower. Its restructuring element has a harmonizing effect and restores homeostatic memory to each water droplet as it spirals into a vortex through a copper tube before entering the shower head.

Omica’s technologically advanced filtration media contains:

Shungite, rare carbon mineral – known since the 18th century for its highly absorptive and anti-bacterial qualities in purifying water. Its high level of adhesion also enables it to connect and adhere to particles that cause inflammatory conditions, making it an excellent filtration media for those with allergies.

Micronized Zeolite – widely used in industry for water purification. It attracts nitrogen and increases oxygen content in addition to absorbing ammonia, a key component in the chemical chloramine. Zeolite also attracts lead and heavy metals in the water and has been used during radiation relief efforts at Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Catalytic Carbon – specially processed and designed to remove chloramine (combination of chlorine and ammonia) from the water along with a strong propensity for adsorbing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as herbicides and pesticides.

KDF 85 – a specially formulated blend of copper and zinc that removes chlorine, lead and heavy metals from the water through an ion exchange process.

Activated Alumina – an effective silica filtration media that reduces fluoride from the water, depending upon the water’s pH.

Coconut Shell Carbon – granular activated carbon from coconuts heated to extremely high temperatures that expand the molecular pores of the carbonized molecule for maximum absorbency of both chlorine and VOCs. Virgin Quartz Crystals – excellent conductors of energy and electricity that generate micro volts of electrical pulses to help destabilize chlorine and chloramine and energetically align the structure water. Copper Vortex Tube – The restructuring element that helps restore the natural integrity of the shower water resulting in droplets that are highly energized.

Omica Filtration Combined with Oxygen Infusion

The Omica Shower Filter is uniquely designed to maintain maximum head room, it is offered both with or without a shower head. You may keep your own favorite shower head or purchase the unit with our specially designed Self Pressurized, Oxy shower head.

The Oxy shower head, with its patented, Technology, has a self-pressurizing system that saves water(2.0 GPM), energy and delivers the most powerful, oxygen-rich spray, up to 10x more oxygen that helps to foster healthy, younger-looking skin. Each Spray stimulates cell activity, improves circulation, and gently exfoliates your skin as it increases the flow of nourishing growth hormones, nutrients and collagen.

The Self Pressurized Shower Head combines the classic pressure boosting technology with contemporary styling and durable materials to provide an industrial strength, eco-friendly and pressurized shower that blends perfectly into any style bathroom.

Omica Shower Filtration Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces Fluoride & Removes Chloramine, Chlorine, VOCs, THMs, Lead
  • Eliminates dirt, sediment and unpleasant odors
  • Restructures the water with Vortex technology
  • Softens skin and hair
  • Reduces skin dryness and flakiness
  • Reduces fading of color treated hair
  • Maintains shower pressure
  • Offers maximum head room
  • Housing made of non-pigmented, natural color ABS plastic
  • Self-pressurized shower head, optional
  • Lasts up to 9 months before filter needs changing
  • Easily installs in minutes