We stock many hard to find water well supplies. Brass fittings, torque arrestors. splice kits, pitless adapters, venturis, brass tank tees, pressure relief valves, pressure switches and pressure gauges.

We stock:
Polyethylene Pipe 1” & 1-1/4”
Submersible Cable 12-2 w/ grnd, 12-3 w/ grnd, 10-2 w/ grnd and 10-3 w/ grnd
Polypropylene Rope ¼”

All can be cut to length.

We have the largest selection of aluminum well caps and sanitary well seals in Tulsa.

Brass Pump Adapter
Stainless Hose Clamps
Splice Kit
Torque Arrestor
Submersible Cable
Venturi Fitting 1”
Sanitary Well Seal